Quota logoEvery so often, to my delight, I find out I’m one of the Top Ten Most Viewed Writers (in Northern CA) on Quora: here’s my page, if you want to check me out.

Mostly, though, these are just fun questions to answer, and I feel like I’m doing good in the world.

Weirdly, one of the MOST popular answers I’ve done is this one:

If your fingernails are torn out (say, with pliers, by a torturer), do they grow back or are you condemned to live the rest of your life without fingernails?

parts of the fingernail.

I illustrate many of my Quora posts; this one example.

Also, for some odd reason, THIS one is getting a lot of upvotes lately (as of July 2017:)

How can I stop my brother’s wife from breastfeeding in front of me?  

Cover of "The Secret, Closely-Guarded Girl Manual"The Secret, Closely-Guarded Girl Manual

I also wrote a book a few years ago, called The Secret, Closely-Guarded Girl Manual (Volume One), about men and women understanding each other, and about peace and generally becoming a Fully-Functional Woman.

Turned out to be QUITE a hit, even with all my GUY friends, so I’m working on Volume Two.

I’m working on releasing a revised/updated Volume One, also, so meanwhile, while you wait: read the PDF version, if you like, for free.

stories logo from InklessTales.comKid Stories, featuring Dolch sight words

If you want to read stories I’ve written for kids, visit the Stories section on InklessTales.com.

If you want to read VERY funny stuff — all written with the rule that everything must be TRUE (or at least my truly-held opinion and/or belief) — visit my humor site for grownups: Look: No, Really. Look.

Note: My old hosting company, FatCow, got bought by EIG — a money-grubbing, moustachioed villain-led group who replaced the old owners (who cared) and truly screwed up the LookNoReallyLook site.

As a result? The content is slowly being repaired/replaced at its new home, and you can read (some) old content at its ORIGINAL home at its WordPress location, here: Looknoreallylook.wordpress.com

Since I was tired of waiting to post MORE content? I restarted it anyway. You’re welcome. 

(Popular articles include: The Wondrous Vulva Puppet, and Naked, Naked, Naked (Made Ya Look.)

You can also check out this cool feature article from my Times Herald-Record, New York days. It’s pretty good: when it was published, readers selected it as the story of the week.

N.B. – You are never done being a journalist.

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