Informational Graphics

You had ONE job!” That’s all info graphics do: one job; communicate information to the viewer—quicker and easier than words. If they do this, they succeed.

What makes them successful? Hard to tell, but mine seem to work, so I’ll share what works for me:

  • humor, when possible: laughter makes medicine go down WAY easier
  • color: bright & bold if possible, but appropriate to the subject
  • clear: don’t crowd it if you can help it
  • Omit Needless Words: …
  • Faces: photos over cartoons, & women smiling over most. Men like to look at women, & WOMEN like to look at women

N.B. As artists: don’t forget to include diverse subjects.

Also important: VERIFY YOUR FACTS. Infographics, done right, are powerful.

Be responsible.

Re: sizes — a fast Google search for appropriate Social Media like Google+, FB, Insta (square, duh), or Twitter posts/ bkgds will yield current accurate results

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