Look No Really Look: Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse- How to Stop Hating News & Politics; Once you get it, you can affect it

Here’s Obama’s video.

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Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

… is a podcast for people who hate politics and want a painless way to get up to speed.

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links to get registered to vote, or check if you’re still registered:


Created by Michelle Obama, features a GREAT vid



At commoncause.org, you can type in your address, and get a complete list, from the president on down to your school superintendent, of all your elected officials.

You can also search by state. I definitely encourage you to visit your senators and your representative’s web sites — and also try copying and pasting just their names into Google and into YouTube.

Sometimes, just listening to them talk, or reading a few paragraphs of what they say, can give you a very good idea of whether or not you like them or not — but at the very least, you’ll get a handle on who they are.



Or, easier to remember:


You matter, and so does your vote. Here's how you know: every presidential election, the equivalent of the thirteen most populous states simply sit out the vote.

You matter, and so does your vote. Here’s how you know: every presidential election, the equivalent of the thirteen most populous states simply sit out the vote. (States in black represent the number of non-voters.)

Intro to the Pod:

Episode One: Look, No Really, Look— Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

Episode Two: Brett Kavanews: Confirmation Chaos

Episodes Three: Come Senators and Congressmen

link: List of Senate Judiciary Members 2018

link: Washington Post exposes Kavanaugh’s misleading statements or downright perjury

link: Brett Kavanaugh really, really likes to perjure/Common Dreams

Episode Four: She Said, He Lied, Please Vote, or We’ll All Fall Down

link: Katie Makkai’s Spoken Word poem Pretty

Episode Five: Wanna Jump Off A Bridge?

link: Washington Post’s comprehensive How To Vote in Every State.


  • whether or not you need a photo ID
  • deadlines
  • mail-in or IRL
  • & more

Episode Six: Knock, Knock, Here’s Your Answers

link: Propositions, Ballot measures, Initiatives, Oh MY! 

link: Can I get a grad student to read me my ballot, please?

link: Moms Demand Action

link: Jessica Morse

Get me my Vote Homework! Take me to BallotReady.org.

The following links feature the same researchers, David Brookman (of Stanford University) and Joshua Kalla (of UC Berkeley) in the same magazine, Vox.

link: Canvassing makes all the difference! 

link: No it doesn’t. 

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