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… a podcast for people who hate news & politics and want a painless, sometimes funny way to get up to speed.

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All about VOTING, registering to vote, etc.,

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Intro to the Pod:

Episode One: Look, No Really, Look— Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

Episode Two: Brett Kavanews: Confirmation Chaos

Episodes Three: Come Senators and Congressmen

link: List of Senate Judiciary Members 2018

link: Washington Post exposes Kavanaugh’s misleading statements or downright perjury

link: Brett Kavanaugh really, really likes to perjure/Common Dreams

Episode Four: She Said, He Lied, Please Vote, or We’ll All Fall Down

link: Katie Makkai’s Spoken Word poem Pretty

Episode Five: Wanna Jump Off A Bridge?

link: Washington Post’s comprehensive How To Vote in Every State.


  • whether or not you need a photo ID
  • deadlines
  • mail-in or IRL
  • & more

Episode Six: Knock, Knock, Here’s Your Answers

link: Propositions, Ballot measures, Initiatives, Oh MY! 

link: Can I get a grad student to read me my ballot, please?

link: Moms Demand Action

link: Jessica Morse

Get me my Vote Homework! Take me to BallotReady.org.

The following links feature the same researchers, David Brookman (of Stanford University) and Joshua Kalla (of UC Berkeley) in the same magazine, Vox.

link: Canvassing makes all the difference! 

link: No it doesn’t. 

Episode Seven: VOTE: Be Batman

Episode Eight: Friends are NOT Food

link: DOJ election fraud fact sheet and Voting Rights Hotline: 1-800-253-3931

Script re HAVA law (Help America Vote Act): “Please give me a provisional ballot, WITH RECEIPT, as required by federal law, Section 302, of the Help America Vote Act.”

ACLU Election Protection Hotline: 1-888-OUR-VOTE

Do I need photo ID to VOTE? (probably)

Pre-order David Priess’s book, How to Get Rid of a President.

Episode Nine: No, YOU Protesteth Too Much 09

Sierra Nevada Revolution: Paul Smith, organizer

unhackthevote.com Yes, Virginia, this IS a thing.

Read the U.S. Constitution. Really. No, Really. Cause believe me, we WILL talk about it, and you WILL understand it —so well you’ll be able to smoke attorneys for lunch.

Optional: The Orange Tantrum of November 7

Suggested groups to join:


MomsDemand.org, the GunSense grassroots group


Join up for next January 19th’s Women’s March, in a city near you.

All of which welcome all genders (not just binary, of course), and are a great place to start.


Episode Ten: Over the River and OMG…


Episode Eleven: But Her & Her & HIS Emails…

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