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Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

Look No Really Look: Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse- How to Stop Hating News & Politics; Once you get it, you can affect itIf you hate politics, that makes you normal. If you don’t get politics, there’s a good reason. Look, No Really, Look: Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse is a podcast for everybody feeling overwhelmed by all the crazy since November 2016.

Once you GET politics, you can AFFECT it – and since politics all boils down to WHO gets WHAT, WHEN, and HOW? It’s important.

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The InklessTales Podcast for Kids:

podcast logo: InklessTales podcast for kids

How the Sea Became Salt/ illustration for Podcast for Kids/ mixed media: colored pencil & ink with digital logo superimposed

While you can download several now, the new format will include:

  • retold folk tales from around the world
  • fun science facts
  • cool guests

Upcoming episodes:

  • How the Sea Became Salt
  • The True Story of Sea Monsters
  • The Sisterhood of the Cinderellas
  • The Two Frogs, and the real importance of frogs around the world
  • The Jakata Tales
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