I am, I am, I am Superman. And I can do anything.

If 10,000 hours is all it takes to get good at something… 

Elizabeth Williams BusheyThey say ten thousand hours is what it takes to master a task; lucky for me, I’m persistent and dogged. 

I don’t quit, ever — not even at dancing, which is something I do very badly, but with enthusiasm — and I love to try new things. 

So here is a very basic list of skills/talents/experience 

If you want to learn more? Head to the CONTACT ME on nav menu and ask me; maybe we can work together, or follow me on any of the (many) social media I listed there. 

Podcasting (Will relaunch all-new, soon)

I’ve done a humor pod for grownups, as well as a kids’ pod; both were highly-rated. Meanwhile, I wrote for this excellent one.)

Comic Illustration (also comic lettering/page design) -> ArtificialFlowersComic.com

Written by Eddie Mungai, colored by Adelaide Brown, this #LGBTQ/MadMax-style story takes place in a dystopian future where the GOP kept rigging the elections.

SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators)

I’m a 20-year (associate) member, but that’s mostly because I’ve been busy running InklessTales.com, a global, award-winning web site for kids – and one of the very first kids’ sites on the Web. Look for a mobile web launch soon. 


I’ve written a newspaper column for The Times Herald-Record, and also freelanced for them. One of my favorite articles (and also readers‘) is here, about a man who makes Windsor chairs.

After my kids were born, I taught Journalism and Writing for the State University of New York, and while I was there, I also learned…

Web Development

I used to code just about everything from scratch, but as sites have become simpler, and mobile, the structures behind them need more “oomph,” so now I basically “outsource” to WordPress. Lots of people are sold on solutions like Squarespace — but the difference between WP and SS is this:

A Squarespace site is created for someone who doesn’t need custom ANYTHING, the same way most of us don’t need customized work done on our vehicles.

WordPress sites are much better for creatives — at least for me — because there is still too much I need “just the way I want it.”

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