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Look, No Really Look: Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

Look, No Really, Look: Elizabeth Explains the Apocalypse

Formerly “a pod about reality, only funnier,” this non-fiction effort will be an easy-to-understand take on what’s up in these weird times. This IS the new normal, but that doesn’t make it okay. It DOES make it funny, and there ARE things you can do.


The InklessTales Podcast for Kids:

podcast logo: InklessTales podcast for kids

How the Sea Became Salt/ illustration for Podcast for Kids/ mixed media: colored pencil & ink with digital logo superimposed

While you can download several now, the new format will include:

  • retold folk tales from around the world
  • fun science facts
  • cool guests

Upcoming episodes:

  • How the Sea Became Salt
  • The True Story of Sea Monsters
  • The Sisterhood of the Cinderellas
  • The Two Frogs, and the real importance of frogs around the world
  • The Jakata Tales


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