Elizabeth Williams Bushey in her northern California back garden.
Elizabeth Williams Bushey

Elizabeth. Williams. Bushey.

Three names.
(You know, like a serial killer.)

I’m always amazed how many people are just can’t manage all four syllables of Elizabeth.

“So what do you go by?”
“No, I mean: Liz, or Beth, or what?”
“Still Elizabeth….”

They also find it weird I use three of the five names I COULD use… (1)  But it’s my name

Other people — the sort who HIRE creative types — are thrown when they find out I:

In fact? I do lots of stuff, which makes me a polymath; odd term, since none of those things HAVE to be math … (but I DO like math ….?)

Logo: InklessTales.comI encourage kids to learn this fearless “go ahead and try it, you can if you KEEP trying” philosophy of life on my web site for kids: InklessTales.com.

I even write cool, fun songs for them — the kind grownups hear and go “oh, that sounds GOOD…” on my MUSIC site for kids, InklessTunes.com.

There isn’t a lot of stuff out there I don’t like to try, to be honest.

Except liver and onions. That stuff is GROSS. My mother tricked me into trying it once as a kid by telling me it was chocolate meat; THAT betrayal still smarts.

Although I still have a home in New York, and family in Georgia, I currently live in California with three daughters, two dogs, & one long-haired black cat.

For now.

Any questions? Check out the other pages (or keep checking; I’ll be adding more), or ask me.


Look, No Really Look: a podcast about Reality, only Funnier. => coming soon: new & improved.

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(1) For those of you deeply interested:

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Flora
  3. McCallion
  4. Williams
  5. Bushey